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Understanding how the ear works and how we hear is essential in properly diagnosing a hearing problem and how to approach treating that hearing loss.


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Patients’ Hearing Is Our Primary Concern

Our goal at Diagnostic Services of Houston is to provide the ultimate hearing health care possible to each patient we have the pleasure of treating. Through full diagnostic hearing evaluations, thorough hearing aid consultations, and in depth hearing aid counseling we aim to provide the optimal hearing aid benefit for each patient.

Hearing is a highly individualistic perception. This is why at Diagnostic Services of Houston we provide personalized hearing health care as no two people perceive sound in the same way.


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Quality Hearing Is For Everyone.

Our highly skilled professionals will guide you step by step throughout the hearing aid evaluation process to determine the most appropriate device given your specific hearing needs. Searching for the best hearing aid for your needs can be overwhelming given the various styles, manufactures, and price points.

However, our audiologists will ease your mind in determining which instrument is most suitable for you given your severity of hearing impairment, individual lifestyle needs, as well as your personal preferences. The philosophy of our office is to provide exemplary care and expertise to allow each patient to reach their maximum hearing potential.



Treatment Options

With the technology available today no one should have to suffer from hearing loss! Hearing aid technology has grown vastly within the last ten years and new advancements are continually occurring. At Diagnostic Services of Houston, our professionals make sure to stay on top of the latest innovations within the industry to provide the best treatment options available. We partner with only the top manufacturers to ensure our patients receive a reliable premium product which will provide the optimal sound quality possible.


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Hearing Healthcare

It’s A Noisy World Out There!

We live in a very noisy world. By protecting your hearing now, you can reduce the chances of needing hearing aids in the future! Hearing loss prevention is important to all age groups. At Diagnostic Services of Houston, we offer a variety of custom hearing protection options as well as recreational custom molds for swimming, sleeping, and music.



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We are here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your hearing, hearing aids, appointment scheduling, insurance coverage and more. We have a passion for helping others and are dedicated to providing the best patient care possible. Give us call, we would love to hear from you!

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